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Principle of Flow Cytometry

Prepared single cell or particle suspensions are necessary for flow cytometric analysis. Various immunoflurescent dyes or antibodies can be attached to the antigen or protein of interest. As the sample enters the flow channel, an outer, faster flowing sheath fluid hydro dynamically focuses this fluid into a narrow core region within the jet. The cells pass through a focused laser beam one cell at a time. Light scatter and fluorescence light are captured and converted to electrical signals.

Reduced particle blockage

This measuring setup provides increased positioning accuracy at the laser interrogation point for consistent excitation irradiance and greatly reduced particle blockage of the flow channel. For sorters, an individual particle is traced through the instrument as it breaks free from the continuous jet into a charged droplet for electrostatic deflection. The droplet passes through an electric field and is ultimately captured in a suitable container for further processing or study, or is disposed of as waste.

Result: Information about every cell

The end result is quantitative information about every cell analyzed. Since large numbers of cells are analyzed in a short period of time (>1,000/sec), statistically valid information about cell populations is quickly obtained.

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