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666-F1 Holmium Glass Filter


The holmium glass filter type 666-F1 shows a series of small, well defines peaks in the UV and Vis range. Due to this characteristic, holmium is well suited to check the wavelength scala of spectralphotometer. In contrary to the holmium liquid filter, the holmium glass filter has a bland spectrum with fewer peaks. Especially in the lower UV range the absortion properties of the glass matrix overlay the holmium peaks.

E_Holmium_Oxid_Flüssigfilter F1 Typical spectrum of a holmium oxide glass filter

Because the exact positions of the holmium peaks vary slightly for each production batch (movement due to the glass matrix), the filters are calibrated individually.

ApplicationAssessment of wavelength accuracy in both UV- and visible range
ContentHolmium glass filter in metal frame
Standard certificationWavelength accuracy at: 279, 361, 453, 536, 638 nm
Slit width: 1 nm
with DAkkS calibration certificate
Possible certificationsFurther wavelength: 287; 418; 445; 460 nm
Slit width: all until 2 nm

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