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hellma analytics


Vision 2016

Lutz Mayer

Aiming for the stars and keeping one’s feet on the ground –the future of Hellma is taking on a clear form before our very eyes:

  • We are the leading global manufacturer of glass and quartz optical components and assemblies for scientific analysis.
  • We are active in all world markets and sell our high-quality products in line with local conditions and requirements.
  • We offer customer service with comprehensive consultation services, fast handling of customer procedures and short delivery times even for custom-made products, by constantly and tirelessly expanding our strengths.
  • We ensure our competitive advantage through permanent investment in the innovation of our products and technologies.
  • We achieve the profit margins necessary for our innovative power through consistent optimisation of our business divisions and locations.

    We see 2016 and we see the way there: a wise corporate strategy that incorporates equal responsibility for employees and customers, quality and the environment, sustainability and fairness.

    Managing Director Lutz Mayer

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