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Environmental Policy

Business practice always has an impact on the environment. That is unavoidable. Our concern is to shape the consequences of our actions as positively as possible for the environment.


We treat natural resources sensibly and sparingly. When optimising our processes we always also look for economically viable alternatives, in order to reach the same goal in an environmentally-friendly way. We monitor our business practice and our products according to the effect they have on the environment. Wherever we recognise potential for improvements, we implement these consistently.


Acting responsibly towards the environment requires a holistic approach. Making this comprehensible is one of our primary concerns in the initial training and further training of our employees.


A comprehensive environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 is firmly integrated into our management system DIN EN ISO 9001. In this way we commit ourselves to adhere to all environmental regulations and to communicate openly with the authorities: our environmental manager monitors the implementation of our environmental policy as well as our adherence within the company to current environmental laws. Together with our management team, he continuously develops the environmental management system.

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