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Personnel Policy

Mitarbeiter mit Küvetten

A continual process of innovation is only possible with motivated and qualified people. First-class employees, who provide top-quality work can rightly expect that their company gives its best for them and achieves the exceptional.


We promote the professional as well as personal development of our employees in a targeted way. Because only employees with the necessary expertise can take on responsibility for their own area of work and develop this independently.


Development processes need structure. In annual employee reviews, we help set individual goals spanning expert qualifications and social competence. It is import-ant to create a positive environment and to develop a constructive corporate culture in which all employees are involved. The basic and advanced training necessary to achieve this is systematically assessed, implemented and monitored for its effectiveness.


All employees are included in our ongoing improvement process. Someone’s small contribution is just as important as someone else’s ground-breaking idea. What is important is that everyone shows initiative and is actively involved in the advancement of the company.

Coming together

Community spirit is necessary for a lively corporate culture to develop. It thrives wherever personal contact and informal communication is nurtured, like in our sports groups or at our regular corporate events. In this way we maintain social contact with one another, even if we work in completely different divisions or have completely different jobs. The result is open communication, mutual trust and cohesion. This makes us successful in our daily cooperation.

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