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Quality Policy

Mitarbeiterin Produktion

For many years, Hellma has been regarded as a yardstick for quality within the industry worldwide. For us that means never standing still, but constantly working on further optimisation and always orienting ourselves afresh to the needs of our customers.


As part of the ongoing improvement process, every employee at Hellma is asked to contribute to the advancement of the company. In addition to the general suggestion system within the company, there is also a system for the constant process improvement of individual company divisions, which we systematically promote. Improvement teams with changing members meet regularly and work actively to optimise their own working processes. This way everyone can become involved and a continuous flow of new ideas is developed that takes us forward together.


Our high quality demands not only apply to our products. We apply the same principles to every single service we provide for our customers – whether this is support, advice and information, or dealing with complaints. Our aim is a consistent positive image. Throughout the world.

Internal customers

In order to achieve this, we adopt this philosophy within the company. The internal customer-supplier relationship between company divisions or individual employees conforms to the same quality standards. Only in this way, as the sum total of the individual company processes, can the desired high quality for our customers be achieved.


We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. All calibration tasks are carried out according to the latest technological developments and the international norm DIN EN ISO/ICE 17025. Together with the quality manager, a trained and motivated team of internal auditors monitors the ongoing implementation of the defined management system. But the auditors do more. Together with all employees they fill the system with life, maintain it and constantly develop it further: which makes certified quality a vital element of the Hellma identity

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