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Physical Data

pH values

  • at 0.5%: 11.6
  • at 1.0%: 11.8
  • at 2.0%: 12.0

Concentrate density: 1.42 g/cm3
Surface tension: at 1.0%: 30.10 mN/m
Phosphate content P2O5: at 1.0%: 0.92 mg/cm3

Health & Safety

Please follow the instructions given in the Hellmanex® III safety data sheet.

Disposal Regulations

This product conforms to internationally accepted regulations regarding biodegradability (WRMG and tenside law). Used Hellmanex® III solutions should be neutralised to a pH value of 7–8 before being discharged into the sewage system.

Product info

Product info

9-307-011-4-507Hellmanex® III
Liquid cleaning concentrate, for glass, quartz cells and optical components
LIMITED QUANTITY: UN 3266, corrosive liquid, basic, inorganic, N.O.S. (Tripotassium Orthophosphate)
Selling unit from factory: Box with 6 bottles a 1.0 L
Total weight: approx. 9,3 kg
325.000SAV-a-CELL® plastic cell holder for 4 cells with 10 mm light path for cleaning purposes

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Hellmanex Safety Data Sheet (129.26 kB)

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