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Hellmanex® III significantly reduces the surface tension of water. The removal of dirt particles is also assured by the good wetting action of a Hellmanex® III aqueous solution, whilst its high emulsifying and dispersing capabilities prevent the re-deposition of the loosened particles. Special surface-active substances facilitate the residue-free rinsing of the optical components once they have been cleaned.

Hellmanex® III is low in phosphates. All organic active cleaning ingredients are over 80 % biodegradable according to the OECD guideline 302 B. This product therefore complies with the most recent requirements for the reduction of environmental pollution. Highly corrosive and etching substances such as potassium hydroxide and chlorine were specifically replaced with cleaning agents which are gentle on materials and skin. As far as cleaning power is

concerned, Hellmanex® III is a complete replacement for chromo sulphuric acid. Furthermore, we specifically warn against the use of chromo sulphuric acid on cells which contain materials other than quartz or glass (such as plastics or metals).

Hellmanex® III is filtered to 1 µm and is therefore virtually free of solid particles.

Product info

Product info

9-307-011-4-507Hellmanex® III
Liquid cleaning concentrate, for glass, quartz cells and optical components
LIMITED QUANTITY: UN 3266, corrosive liquid, basic, inorganic, N.O.S. (Tripotassium Orthophosphate)
Selling unit from factory: Box with 6 bottles a 1.0 L
Total weight: approx. 9,3 kg
325.000SAV-a-CELL® plastic cell holder for 4 cells with 10 mm light path for cleaning purposes

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Hellmanex Safety Data Sheet (129.26 kB)

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