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Hellmanex® III
The special cleaning concentrate from Hellma

Cleaning of cells and optical components

Cells serve as vessels for liquid or gaseous substances whose interaction with light is to be observed, investigated, or measured. To ensure that these photometric measurements are not influenced or even become erroneous, great emphasis must be placed on the cleanliness of cells. The cleaning of cells is of great importance, as it requires the complete removal of all contaminants without causing any damage to these delicate and high-quality optical components.


Hellmanex® III is an alkaline liquid concentrate which must simply be mixed with water to yield an effective cleaning solution for quartz and glass cells. It can also be used to clean other sensitive optical components made of glass, quartz, sapphire, and porcelain.

Product info

Product info

9-307-011-4-507Hellmanex® III
Liquid cleaning concentrate, for glass, quartz cells and optical components
LIMITED QUANTITY: UN 3266, corrosive liquid, basic, inorganic, N.O.S. (Tripotassium Orthophosphate)
Selling unit from factory: Box with 6 bottles a 1.0 L
Total weight: approx. 9,3 kg
325.000SAV-a-CELL® plastic cell holder for 4 cells with 10 mm light path for cleaning purposes

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Hellmanex Safety Data Sheet (129.26 kB)

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