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External Cell Holder with Fibre-Optic Cable Connection

Application example Cell measurement using spectrophotometer without a sample compartment
Particular characteristics Compact test set-up due to zigzag optical path
Materials Quarz, aluminium

Externer Küvettenhalter mit Lichtleiteranschluss

The cell holder was developed and manufactured by Hellma in collaboration with
Carlo Gavazzi Space. It is part of the optical path of a spectrophotometer manufactured
by Carlo Gavazzi Space. This instrument is installed in the Biolab module, a facility for biological experiments that will be integrated into the International Space Station (ISS).
The qualifying process for the spectrophotometer, which is to be used in space, was completed in 2002.
The cell holder is not only there to support
and protect the cell. It also contains connections for fibre-optic cables through which the light is transmitted to and from the cell. Due to the limited space, the path has to be deflected twice at an angle of 90°. This is achieved by means of totally reflective prisms made of quartz. Two different sources of light are used, one for the UV range and another for the VIS range. They are transmitted into the same collimator by means of a Y-light-guide which transmits the parallel beam onto the input aperture of the cell. After passing through the cell, a second collimator focuses the light beam into a fibre optic cable leading to the detector.

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