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When the solution is too viscous
Immersion probe with an axial measuring slit

Application exampleMeasurement of highly viscous samples
Particular characteristics
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Optimised flow geometry

Tauchsonde mit senkrechtem Messpalt

The axial measuring slit in this immersion probe is placed in an all-quartz measuring head. The excellent optical characteristics of this measuring head are no different from those of measuring heads with a measuring slit on the side.

Thanks to the optimised geometry, the product can flow freely through the measuring slit when the probe is immersed. As a result, bubbles which could interfere with the measurement results are expelled from the measuring slit. This design is particularly advantageous for highly viscous solutions.

One of the uses of the immersion probe is in the measurement of emulsion paints. For this purpose the probe is fixed to a robot arm. The robot immerses the probe in the paint automatically. Once the measurement has been taken, it holds the probe in a cleaning chamber in which the measuring head is rinsed over a nozzle. The next measurement can then be taken.

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