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Real high-tech miniatures
Nanolitre Cells

Application Measurements in volumes less than 50 nanolitres
Special characteristics
  • Measuring apertures and entrance channels under 0.1 mm diameter
  • Production methods: Micro lithography and etching
Material Quartz

Developments in liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis, as well as in absorption photometry demand ever smaller measuring chamber volumes. Because the specific absorption being measured can sometimes be very small, the light path cannot be made smaller.

As a result, ever smaller cross-sections of the measuring apertures and entrance channels of less than 0.1mm diameter are required. In this way, measuring volumes of less than 50 nanolitres are achieved. direct fusion.


These demands can only be met by using technology from micro-chip production, namely micro lithography and etching, and combining it with the Hellma process of direct fusion.

The picture shows a quartz wafer with a micro-channel structure manufactured during the production of a batch of nanoliter cells.

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