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Technical Information

  • Filling, measuring and cleaning within seconds
  • Width and depth are equivalent to a standard cuvette
  • Works with 0.7-10 μl sample volume in
    most UV/Visspectrophotometers

Catalogue number105.800-UVS105.810-UVS
Width12.5 mm
Depth12.5 mm
Height68.5 mm
Centre height 8.5 mm
75 mm
Centre height 15 mm
80 mm
Centre height 20 mm
53 mm
Centre height 8.5 mm
59.5 mm
Centre height 15 mm
64.5 mm
Centre height 20 mm
Window materialQuartz SUPRASIL®
SealEpoxy glue
Volume0.7 – 10μl
Light path0.1, 0.2, 1 or 2 mm (+/- 0.02 mm)
Max. temperature50°C
Centre height**8.5 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm*
(other centre heights available on request)
* The selection of the correct height depends on the design of the cell holder and the type of spectrophotometer. The TrayCell should extend far enough
out of the holder, which also should not interfere with the cap.
** The centre height can be adjusted with the provided adapters. When ordering , please specify the necessary centre height or the make and model of the spectrophotometer.

TrayCell Caps

DescriptionCap with integrated mirror to
adjust the light path*
Mirror materialQuartz SUPRASIL®
with aluminium mirror layer
Light path1 mm0,2 mm2 mm0,1 mm

                                                      *Other light paths available on request.

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