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666-R013 Reference Plate to check photometric accuracy

They have the same dimensions as a microplate with 96 wells and a diameter of 6.6 mm per window (height 14.5 x width 125 x length 85.8 mm). For the four inserted neutral glasses (columns 3-10) the absorption value can be measured per 16 windows. With the inserted holmium glass (columns 11+12) the wavelength accuracy can be determined for 16 windows. Another 16 windows are without glass (columns 1+2) and are used as a reference.

Please note

The reference plate consists of four neutral galsses with different nominal absorption values. Therefore the linearity of the absorption scale can be checked by plotting the absorption values for each wavelength in a diagram against the measuring values on the DAkkS calibration certificate.

cutout of cut_out_asset_1056.jpg Reference plate for qualifying microplate readers (666-R113)

ApplicationReference plate for micro test plate reader to check the photometric accuracy and the wavelength accuracy
ContentNeutral glass filter NG5 (0.5 Abs), columns 3+4;
Neutral glass filter NG4 (1.0 Abs), columns 5+6;
Neutral glass filter NG3 (1.5 Abs), columns 7+8;
Neutral glass filter NG3 (2.0 Abs), columns 9+10;
Holmium glass filter, columns 11+12;
Frame without glass (reference filter), columns 1+2
Standard certificationPhotometric accuracy:
certified wavelength: 405; 450; 490; 650nm
Wavelength accuracy:
certified at: 279; 361; 453; 536; 638 nm
Slit width: 1nm
with DAkkS calibration certificate
Possible certificationPhotometric accuracy:
Wavelength: all possible between 405 until 890 nm
Over 890 nm possible however, only with Hellma Analytics calibration certificate
Slit width: all possible until 5 nm
Wavelength accuracy:
Other wavelengths possible: 287; 418; 445; 460 nm
Slit width: all until 2nm recommended

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