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Quartz glass cold casting technology

No limitations on design, functionality and geometry

Quartz glass is a highly sought after material in analytics – with good reason! This is especially due to its extremely low coefficient of expansion, high thermal shock resistance and resistance to chemicals. However, it is not possible to realize all designs and geometries with traditional shaping processes.

Now, an innovative manufacturing technology by Hellma makes it possible to cast complex shapes on the basis of a gel. The following thermal processing produces a perfect quartz glass part which is well-suited for optical as well as non-optical applications. Quartz glass cold casting technology by Hellma – without limits on design, functionality and geometry!


Advantages of quartz glass cold casting technology

// Numerous possibilities and a wide range of applications
// Possibility to manufacture complex geometries made of quartz glass
// Smooth surfaces without the need for finishing facilitate the cleaning
// Free-forms can be repeatedly manufactured with extreme accuracy
// All edges can be rounded or beveled, minimizing the risk of breakage

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Data sheet: No limitations on design, functionality and geometry

Find out about all the advantages of the quartz glass cold casting technology and learn more about already implemented products

GOOD to KNOW: Quartz glass parts from a single casting

Get to know briefly about the general procedure and the individual production steps of the cold casting technology

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