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667-UV45 Hodi Liquid Filter

HoDi Liquid Filter 667045 UV45

The HoDi liquid filter consists of a solution of holmium and didymium (praseodymium and neodymium) in perchloric acid. This filter features an especially broad wavelength spectrum and is therefore ideally suited to checking the wavelength accuracy of spectrophotometers in the UV and visible range. It has a broad spectrum with a variety of characteristic, very well-defined peaks in the range between 241 nm and 864 nm. Depending on the performance of the spectrophotometers used, up to 22 peaks can be detected at a slit width of 1 nm.

cutout of cut_out_asset_29204.jpg Typical spectrum of holmium and didymium dissolved in perchloric acid, measured with a slit width of 1 nm.

ApplicationChecking the wavelength accuracy in the UV- and Vis-range
ContentHolmium and Didymium in Perchloric Acid
Standard certificationWavelength: 241; 354; 444; 575; 641; 740; 864 nm
Slit width: 1nm
with DAkkS calibration certificate
Possible certificationsFurther wavelengths: 241; 278; 287; 333; 347; 354; 361; 416; 444; 451; 468; 482; 512; 522; 537; 575; 641; 732; 740; 794; 800; 864 nm

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