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667- UV35 Rare Earth Liquid Filter

Rare Earth Liquid Filter 667035 UV35

The rare earth liquid filter consists of a solution of rare earth metals dissolved in perchloric acid. This filter is ideally suited to checking the wavelength accuracy of spectrophotometers in the low UV range. It has a spectrum with five characteristic, well defined peaks in the range from 201 nm to 252 nm.

cutout of cut_out_asset_29207.jpg Typical spectrum of rare earth dissolved in perchloric acid, measured with a slit width of 1 nm.

Application:Checking the wavelength accuracy in the low UV-range
Content:Rare Earth in Perchloric Acid
Standard certification:Wavelength: 201; 211; 222; 239; 252 nm
Slit width: 1 nm
with DAkkS calibration certificate
Possible certifications:Further wavelengths: none
Slit widths: all untill 2 nm, above the peaks become blurred

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Datasheet Rare earth liquid filter

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