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Innovations for the process industry

3-A Certified Optical Immersion Probe

More efficient control of manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industry

Special features:
3-A Certification and hygienic design

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Compact Raman probe with safety function

Raman measurements for liquids in laboratories or manufacturing processes

Special features:
Ensuring measurements by an electronic interlock for the laser

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PTFE Transmission Probe for process analysis in wet chemistry

Analysis and monitoring of wet-chemical processes

Special features:
Monolithic measuring head made of sapphire for optimized process control

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Fully autoclavable probe with attachable sealing cap

Fast and efficient cleaning of the probe within the process

Special features:
Because of the sealing cap this probe is completely autoclavable

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Probe with cleaning nozzle at measuring head

Transmission measurements for UV/Vis/NIR online spectroscopy within the process

Special features:
Welded cleaning nozzle in front of measurement windows for fast and efficient cleaning of the probe within the process

Additional standard probes

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