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Return of your reference materials for recertification

in the accredited Hellma Analytics Calibration Laboratory

Please fill in the following form completely – the required filter data is available on the calibration certificate. After that click on “generate return form” – your individual return form will be issued as a pdf. Then follow the instructions on the return form.


  1. When returning several filters or filter sets, please fill in one return form each
  2. Please fill in the below stated form completely for generating your return form. Filter data can be found on the calibration certificate
  3. Then click on “generate return form”
  4. Your return form will be issued as a pdf
  5. Please print out the return form and follow the instructions
  6. Send your filters to the Hellma Analytics Calibration Laboratory*

*Important: Only send liquid filters in winter at temperatures above 4°C!

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I would like to receive the following recertification

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30-Year Warranty

All of our certified reference materials come with a 30-year warranty, provided that they are regularly recertified (at least every two years) at the Hellma Analytics calibration laboratory!